8 Essential Tips To Better Your Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

Last Updated on April 20, 2017 by Roger David

Utility Trailer

Now that you’ve bought yourself a utility trailer the job isn’t done.  In fact, the fun is just beginning as now you can upgrade and customize your new trailer to your hearts content.

Keep reading for this years 8 best trailer customizations you can do at home brought to you by the fine folks at Discount Trailers in Tulsa.

1) Stop banging your shins on the hitch:

Adding a ShinShield made out of protective rubber offers the best method for taking the edge out of walking into your hitch attachment.

2) Keep the tie-downs attached:

A pet peeve of mine when attaching tie down straps to the trailer loops is that once you hook one side and walk around the trailer to hook the other, the first one has already proceeded to fall off.  There is a product called the “Hook-Tight” and it’s worth its weight in gold.  Keep all straps and bungee hooks in place as you walk around the trailer to connect the other side.  This product is a serious time saver and is easy on the nerves.

3) Keep your new trailer safe from theft:

Adding a club tire claw to one or two tires on your trailer is a huge deterrent to theft.  Add to this a trailer coupling lock and your trailer will be such a pain in the a** that no thief in their right mind will attempt to lift it.

Better Your Utility Trailer

4) Hitch camera install:

Installing a hitch camera saves you time and hassle while lining up the ball of your hitch to the coupling.  This is also great if you don’t always have a spotter with you to help out.

5) A new way to jack up your trailer:

There is a new product out there that makes jacking up your trailer to change a tire a breeze.  It’s called the Roll ‘n’ Rock Trailer Jack.  It is a banana shaped wedge that is placed under the tire and then as you drive the trailer onto it, the banana shape pivots and raises the trailer off the ground.  Simply genius!

6) Keep two emergency trailer lights with you:

Keeping one or two emergency lights in your car with you as you trailer can save you from getting a ticket or worse, into an accident.  A simple bicycle light will do, anything that is weather resistant and has an attachment so you can adhere it the back of your trailer should the lights on the trailer fail.

7) Get a step up:

There are a handful of companies that produce a hitch step up for your vehicle.  This device slides into your trailer hitch and instead of sporting a ball, it has a step thats made to help you get a better angle of things in the bed of your truck or on the roof rack.

8) Beat the rust out of your old hitch:

Not much is as annoying as the inevitability of your hitch and ball attachment becoming fused together due to rust.  This is especially common in places with harsh or salty climates that promote rusting.  Keep a can of penetrating oil with you in case rust tries to stop you from removing the attachment.  Simply spray the oil around the seams in the metal, wait a few minutes and then use a hammer or other tool to rapidly hit the side of the hitch attachment.  The vibration in concert with the penetrating oil will work quickly to loosen the rusted parts.

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