Counting Down The Top 5 Luxury Executive Cars

Last Updated on March 1, 2016 by Jasper Austin

When it comes to executive luxury, you’re looking for a few simple things. Number one, style. We’re looking for subtle beauty, and elegant design. A hint of ferocity also helps give it character and excitement. Number two, refinement. A luxury car demands a high-end finish behind the wheel. We’re talking about leather seats and carefully designed dashboards. Number three, performance. Want to put our foot down, and feel the roar of the engine. At the same time, we want a quiet and refined performance on long drives.

As you can see, it’s a tricky combo to get right. There are plenty of rivals here, from Mercedes to Jaguar to BMW, but who does it best? Which car has the perfect mix of style, elegance, and performance?



Image Credit: Dave Pinter

5. Lexus IS

At number five, is the plucky newcomer. Lexus are a relatively new franchise, bank-rolled by parent-company Toyota. They have just one goal: to create the best luxury car on the market. For their fledgling years, they’ve made a surprisingly impressive impact on the market. The IS is indeed one of the best luxury exec cars out there. It’s stylish and incredibly reliable. Unfortunately, it falls down slightly on the excitement factor, and you’re limited to either petrol or hybrid engines.


Image Credit: nakhon100

4. Audi A5 Sportback

Audi have always been a firm favourite of ours here at Autos Billow. Their German engineering and precision shines through at all times. Yet, they have also got their styling and design perfect over the years. The A5 Sportback is one of the best looking cars in Audi’s range. It’s sleek, and leans more towards a coupe than exec style. That said, it’s pretty ferocious under the bonnet too.


Image Credit: Ben Stassen

3. Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes have long been a name we associate with luxury executive cars. For a long time, they did it better than anyone else on the road. The C-Class proves they still have the golden touch. It’s a fantastic all-rounder, with great performance and comfortable drive. Mercedes have also poured a lot of money into technology, and it shows in this model. The only thing that keeps it out of the top-two is that it’s a little too conventional. We’d like to see some flair from Mercedes next year.


Image Credit: Jaguar MENA

2. Jaguar XE

The XE is hands-down the best looking car on the list. It is sleek, stylish, and that front grill is fierce. The Jag’s interior is the best in class, but you’d expect that from the Jaguar’s legacy. It also comes in at a decent price, so it’s affordable too. Take a look at Jaguar finance at H.A.Fox to see for yourself.


Image Credit: Automotive Rhythms

1. BMW 3-Series

Yes, the BMW is a conventional choice, and a predictable winner. However, there’s good reason for this. It’s quite simply the best executive car on the market. It’s fun to drive, looks great, and sips fuel gently. As an all-rounder executive car, it’s hard to beat.

That’s all for today, folks. Before you go, check out the top 10 fastest cars in the world. You might be surprised at the new champion in this category. Until next time!

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