5 Preeminent Tips for Picking the Absolute Salt Spreader

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Do you live anywhere near the northern hemisphere? If yes, how are you preparing yourself for the coming winter? It is prudent to prepare yourself for the snow and ice that accompany winter. And if you are among the lucky people with a larger area of land, and you wish to spread salt over it, then having an absolute salt spreader is essential. But before shopping for a salt spreader, it is necessary to have a checklist to help you get the best one. In this article, you will find five preeminent tips to help you pick an absolute salt spreader.

Purpose of the salt spreader

The purpose of the spreader is the number one factor to be considered when it comes to choosing a salt spreader. You should be sure of the purpose of the spreader, is it for personal use or commercial? This will help you understand the capacity of the spreader to buy.

If the spreader is for personal use, then it might be more convenient to go for a small unit spreader. This is because you might not have a lot of work for it, given that it will just be for your farm.

But if you have contracts to clear parking lots or with local landowners who have large properties, then going for a spreader with a higher capacity will be most convenient. This is because you will have to prioritize a spreader with a higher volume, one that can help you complete the work as fast as possible.

Ease of attachment

How easy is it to attach and detach the spreader from your track? This should be among the concerns when looking for the perfect salt spreader. Remember that you will not be pulling the spreader by your hands, but by a track. Thus the ease of attaching it to the truck is an essential consideration.

It is noteworthy to mention that you will be operating in the cold. Thus you should buy a spreader that is easy to attach, detach and reattach. In most cases, the need to do this is inevitable. You might find that the spreader is not working at some point, and thus you have to detach to check if there is a problem with it. If attaching and detaching is complex, then you might realize that you are wasting a lot of time on it. And remember that time is money, especially if your spreader is for commercial purposes.

Your truck’s GVWR

The Gross Weight Axle Rating, or simply GVWR is also something you will want to focus on. The truck’s rating is a direct determinant of the kind of spreader that you will have to buy. If the rating small, then you cannot go for a bigger spreader. Put simply; it will be detrimental to go for a spreader whose rating is much higher than that of your truck.

Buying a spreader whose capacity suits that of your truck will not only help you accomplish your work fast, but it will also safeguard your truck from fast wear.

What will you be spreading?

Yes, you will be using your spreader to spread down salt. But have you considered what type of salt you will be spreading down? It is necessary to understand that there are various types of salts that you might be required to spread.

The different types of salt contain different materials. And it is these materials that one should consider when purchasing a spreader. A hopper or tailgate salt spreader is usually the best for bulk rock salt or any other salt with chunky materials.

For those who are planning to use their spreader for finer materials, then the story will not be the same as those whose focus is on bulk rock salt. The capacity of the spreader for finer materials will be mid-sized.

Storage of the salt spreader

Your tool will not be in action all year round. As a matter of fact, the machine will only be useful for a handful of months, only during winter. And for this reason, you will need a place to store the machine during the rest of the year.

For this reason, one would want to know why he should buy a very large salt spreader that will only increase storage costs yet the machine will only be useful in a handful of months. It is actually a waste of money to buy a salt spreader then use a lot of money for its storage most of the time. You would rather consider hiring if it has to come to this.

Just like any other machine, your spreader will need to be stored in a completely clean condition, if you want to use it for long. Thus, the area where the machine will be stored has to be waterproof.  All these means additional costs.

Apart from all the above factors to consider, it is also essential to have in mind your budget. Cases have been reported where individuals invest in salt spreaders at the expense of other important things. Note that a quality salt spreader is costly, and thus it might not be so prudent of you to purchase on if you are not able to sustain the maintenance as well as the initial cost for the machine.

In conclusion, buying a good quality salt spreader is essential, and without a proper guide, one can easily choose the wrong one. Matters have been made worse by the millions of fake spreaders in the market. It will be helpful to first research the best spreader before paying for it.

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