The Most Effective Ways Of Keeping Your Car Safe

Last Updated on February 22, 2016 by Jasper Austin

There are lots of differences between drivers. Some are novices, some are well-experienced. Some people are great driverschoosing a car locksmith; others are…. well, they need a bit more practice! However, all drivers have one thing in common. They want to keep their cars safe. But what are the most effective ways of doing this? Read on to find out more about using garages, and special locks. There is also advice on selecting a reliable locksmith, and on a cheap but effective alarm system.

Keep it in a garage

There is a good reason that cars kept in garages overnight get cheaper car insurance. Because it’s safer. Out on the road, anyone can access it. Even if people aren’t trying to be malicious, it can still get damaged here. Take busy mums with big buggies for example! If you don’t have a garage, there might be ones in the local area that you can hire. Similarly, if you are going away for several days, ask a friend if you can park it in their garage. A car in the same place over a number of days might attract unwanted attention. If you really can’t get garage access, always try to park underneath a street light.


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Use a reliable locksmith

Hiring an ineffective or dodgy locksmith is a terrible idea for two reasons. Firstly, it can be dangerous. Secondly, if they make a mistake, fixing this can be even more costly than fixing the initial problem. When it comes to choosing a car locksmith, consider the following. Do they have all the proper accreditations? Do they work on weekends? And can they cover a range of eventualities, from locking yourself to losing your keys.

Make your car appear the most protected

Imagine you are a car thief and are stood in front of a line of cars. Which one would you go for? The easiest target, obviously. That’s why making sure your car is not the obvious choice is so important. Don’t leave valuables on show. This even goes for items that might hint at the fact that there is something valuable in the car. It’s all well and good hiding your Sat-Nav in the glove box, but if you leave the holder on the windshield? You’re telling the thief that there is something good inside. Also, find a way to deter thieves from bothering. A blinking LED alarm light is a good way of doing this. Security decals can also be a good investment.

Use a steering wheel lock

Yes, they are big, clunky and a nightmare if you lose they key! But steering wheel locks can be one of the most effective deterrents. Why break into a car with a locked wheel if there is another car right next to it without one? You can get versions with blinking red lights. As recently as 2014, London police have backed these devices as well worthy of making a comeback. The steering wheels younger cousin, the gear stick lock, is often forgotten about, but can also be very effective.

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