Stolen Car Keys? Here’s What You Need To Do Next

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For many of us, our cars are one of the most expensive purchases we’ve ever made. So we understandably want to protect and keep them safe at all times. Manufacturers are continually trying to improve the security features of our cars, making it harder for thieves to steal them. But this has resulted in more and more people becoming victims of car key theft instead. Having your car keys stolen can make you feel vulnerable and put your car at immense risk. Acting fast and knowing what to do is your best defense. So if you get your car keys stolen, here’s what you need to do next.

Secure your vehicle

Once you have established that you no longer have your car keys, you need to get to your car as soon as possible to secure it. Take a friend or a colleague with you for additional support. Always check to make sure you are not being followed. It’s likely that the thief doesn’t know which car yours is, and they may follow you to find out. So when you get to your car never leave it unattended. Call friends or relatives who have cars which can be used to block your car in, if possible. Or create a human barrier. If you have mechanical knowledge, open the hood and carefully remove the spark plugs or fuses. Or ask your friends to help you remove two of the tyres.


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Report the crime

As soon as you realize your keys have been taken, you need to report the crime to the police. They should give you a crime reference number which is essential especially if your car has already been taken. This number will be used to track the progression of your case and is also required when filing a claim with your car’s insurance company. Even if your car has not been stolen yet, you still need to report the theft of your keys. Officers can be sent to your location to help you to secure your vehicle and act as a deterrent if the thieves are nearby. Having their help and support whether in person or face to face will be invaluable. So ring them straight away.

Contact a locksmith

The police may recommend that you find the number of local mobile locksmiths to come and assist you with gaining access. They will be able to meet you at your location but will most likely need identification and proof that the car is yours beforehand. Once proved, they can provide you with a new key or rekey your vehicle. They can also ensure that your old key can no longer be used in the ignition and doors. Call your insurance provider to see if your policy covers stolen keys as they may be able to contribute towards this locksmith service.

It’s vital that you do these things as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of the thief returning to take your car. So while you are likely to be angry, upset and shocked that your keys have been taken, try to remain focused.

Image Credit: pixabay.com

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