How To Easily Repair Your Car With No Prior Experience

Last Updated on April 9, 2016 by Amir Arif

Generally speaking, car maintenance and repair is a very skilled area of knowledge. That being said, a lot of car fixes and tweaks rely on a simple tool or set of tools, and all it takes is a bit of familiarity with these.

So, if your car has broken down or is in need of repair, can it be fixed easily? Are there any immediate resources you can you consult for help? The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘yes’. So, if you’re out of pocket and want to help your car back to 100 percent functionality, look no further. This article will run down a couple of ways you can easily repair your car with no prior experience.

1. Gather Your Tools And Diagnose The Problem

Every car-related issue starts with a diagnosis. This is the stage where you will identify just how serious the problem is, and check if you’re equipped for the job. So, whether your problem is tyre related of engine related, be sure you’re working in the right area.

It doesn’t take a mechanic genius to diagnose a problem, either. If you suspect your tyre tread may be poor, use the coin trick to measure it.

Next, gather any and all tools you think you may need for the job. There’s nothing worse than being elbow deep in your car only to realise you left the chunky flathead screwdriver inside. Put together a basic toolkit with an assortment of sizes and equipment, so you’re prepared for anything.

2. The Internet Is Your Friend

The online world is vast, full of help and full of other people in a situation like yours. Have a search on Google and look for discussions relating to your problem. Search on YouTube for car repairs to be greeted with a set of videos for mechanic novices. You can also visit a site to download repair manuals relating to the specific make and model car you own. This will help you zone in on the problem rather than using a different vehicle for reference. That vehicle could operate differently, making that reference worthless.

3. Remember Where All The Parts Go For Reassembly

If you’re removing certain parts of your car to get a better look at it, be sure to remember how all those pieces go back into place. Failing to do so can result in you outright breaking the vehicle, as you won’t have placed everything back in its proper location.

4. Prepare The Work Area Before You Start

Much like the tools scenario, you don’t want to be elbow-deep in a repair only to find you haven’t taken the right safety measures. For starters, if you are dealing with engine fluids, have a number of cloths ready to soak up the excess. Next, block the wheels off to stop the car rolling and cover the seats and dashboard to stop them being splashed with fluid. Be sure you’ve also propped the bonnet up securely!

So, all in all, it is possible to be a solid car handyman with no prior experience. Repairing your car is a great way to keep it feeling brand new, and can save you money as well as boost your confidence.

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