Put your Own Design Stamp on Juke

Last Updated on March 15, 2014 by Amir Arif

Nissan introduces personalization programme for its top selling crossover i.e. Juke. Now you are able to make a statement with personalized Juke design. There is wide variety of personalization options available for Juke. Users will be able to change the color and contrasts of Juke’s exterior and interior. They would have diverse range of alloy wheels with tempting color options. This personalization program is inspired from the first Personal Juke that is created by Shiro Nakamura,Nissan’s Chief Creative Officer for his own use.

Special Personalization Packs for boosting up interior and exterior graces are now available from the factory as an option. Users are free to grab further personalization accessories from car dealers.


Every new Juke will bring many enhancements such as refined 1.2 DIG-T petrol engine,advanced technology and different visual enhancements such as rear and front LED lighting,open glass roof and many more.  Door mirror caps and headlamps come in black while that of alloy wheel, front and rear bumpers inserts have sunlight yellow finishing.

Latest Juke brings three new shades such as Sunlight Yellow and Ink Blue metallic and a solid red. Users would be able to run wild in their imagination while picking a color for their own Juke. When a customer wants to make a bold statement then he would be able to choose one of four contrasting colors, red, white, black or yellow, for interior setting. Exterior personalization pack allows him to use same colors and make the most appealing visual contrasts. If he visits dealer store, then he is able to have 7 further contrast colors personalization choices to try for.

It would be indeed fun for the customers to design their own Juke by picking their favorite color contrast.

To create a truly unique Juke, all Personalisation elements can be ordered individually and then it’s simply a case of mixing and matching favourite colours to highlight the aspects desired.

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