Nissan Navara NP300 – 12th Generation

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Nissan Navara is new financial riding on the back of its latest Navara is looking Australian, this already pick up Nissan Navara is popular with the under down for athirst of under sales,  in the companies is hopping the new Navara NP300 its winning ways in the companies will maintain.The first major Navara representing the since D40 model go in 2015,  a 10 year  interruption is a long time in the automotive world. This car is assembled strong and dependable pick ups from more than 80 years,  with more than 14 million sold across 180 different countries.The new Navara  has to lot to live up, than the last four years car passenger, but the Navara’s showroom is actually pretty standard for a light Ute commercialize cab pick-up grades  of the Navara  Np300 are on sale in Australia from this month in grades DX, RX,  ST and ST-X with the choice of three engines. One petrol and two diesel mated with either a  six speed manual or seven speed automatic transmission.


This was in many ways at the vanguard some time of the old Spanish made D40 Navara,  its small surprise than that the new brand is given the D40 advanced age,  the new  NP300 version launched in few months ago pick up this baton,  once it was different to be major challengers selling in the sales charts and the Nissan was good for this. Something different in the ST-X we test here is the top reneger,  we are testing the 4×2 version plus on road cost,  rather than the more expensive 4×4 iteration it will no doubt to prove more important popular.


The new Navara NP 300 has moved with out loosing the visual extraction of Nissan’s, for example follow the Nissan  v-motion grille flows on to the bonnets on its way to front guard in a youth get strong quality,  the lights and chrome window molding permute a modern  impression daytime running, the rare with the v-motion motif repeated in the tailgate. The Nissan incorporating  badge,  built in the aerodynamic efficiency is an added bonus,  the roils on ST-X top of the range 18 inch alloy wheels with 16 inch alloy on ST each grade carries a full size spare,  the util track system is fitted to ST-X allowing for numerates ways to secure  loads in the rear tub. This innovative cargo  restraint system includes two channels and four heavy duty forged aluminium that look all along the channel, this car is alloy sports bar  roof rails and heated door mirrors with power adjustment and folding and LED indicator lights complete the exterior picture.

Interior and Exterior

This is an harass list that puts the Navara right at the pointy end of its class,  the car cabin was very lay out and assassination,  accurately its hard to tell you are  in Ute,   as the fascia instrument is clean and very simple,  its attach a very expensive touchscreen and let it tom like a smartphone the Bluetooth also repaid in this car,  with the second of pushing the start button. Hard plastic attach material and they are suitably and should prove easy to clean,  while analyse the door and black piano plastic insert add some class , every thing is solid and expensively added in this car. It well secured together this was not a D40 Navara signature. There’s was a very big door pocket and cabin storage,   and their easy to use it USB/auxiliary input,  as well as three 12 volt outlets,  the information screen gouge is very large. In reach adjustment  for the steering wheel,  we found proper driving position,  because its no meter how sit the low seat.The top of the wheel still obscured the dials,  while the .lather accented set off due in no small part to unwisely tear to drop design.

The sunroof eat into headroom front and rear notably at 194 cm the rear seat brushing but otherwise is decent with acceptable legroom and knee room four grab handle,  map lights and air vents there is also great small electrically  operated sliding window embedded  in the rear glass. You get extremely led day time  running lights and led projects headlights a sport bar with integrated brake lights.  A protective tubed liner,  heated power folding mirror and Nissan is available track system  in the tray. The tray itself 1503 mm long and 1130 mm wind between the wheel arches. I think the look ST-X  business with its side steps and nice lashing of chrome.

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