Mitsubishi is planning for Large Crossover Montero while making improvements into Outlander and Mirage

Last Updated on February 25, 2014 by Amir Arif

Every day, we are getting latest details of US market plans of Mitsubishi. MMNA Executive Vice President Don Swearingen told to Edmunds at 2014 Chicago Auto Show that,”We are committed to huge investments in capital as well as huge investments in R&D.” It seems that company made investment for its new Montero for 2017 or 2018 model years. According to Swearingen, drawing of large crossover SUV Mitsubishi has been seen by dealers. The suggestions of this vehicle were emerged with the appearance of Concept GC-PHEV at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Proposed SUV Montero will be a little smaller than a Ford Explorer. Company will make Montero US launch decision later this year.


After Montero, Swearingen made its clear that consumers can expect incremental improvements to every model in upcoming years. In 2015, Outlander will enjoy a facelift but you can expect major style change in 2016 since Outlander PHEV will finally be launched. Product planning also includes redesigning of Outlander Sport in 2016 since company’s latest telematic system is going to integrate with it. In 2015, larger engine and quieter CVT will be added to Outlander sport. “The key is being able to control many functions of your car through you cell phone,” Swearingen said.

Mirage is another product line-up, which will get some incremental changes from the company. In 2015, it will have better fabric inside along with outside-mirror indicators. In 2016, skin of bargain hatchback will be replaced aesthetically.If Mirage G4 Sedan wins the heart of Canadians then it could possibly be launched for US consumers.  The i-MiEV and next generation Evo will not obtain any kind of improvement at all. Swearingen didn’t mention any of both while talking about incremental improvements to Mitsubishi’s product lines.

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