Mercedes-Benz GLC 300

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Mercedes-Benz lately reading start over aligns each of its cross over and SUV more closely with the new brand model in the marketing, but some are more connected mechanically than other, the CLA and GLA classes, for example are very same, while the GLE and  E-class models are more different.The relationship between this vehicle, the all new 2016 GLC -class, and the sweet new c-class is more like the former than the letter, so you can thinking of its C-class.That the replacement the GLK-class which it was created crafted from the mechanical rib of prior C-class model the new GLC is not important  for more be Mercedes- Benz with its more over popular than ever cross the market. Its “coupe” of earlier this spring the more normal GLS, SUV adopt the winsome this styling elements that have spread  across the Mercedes lineup.When sales start the November, the GLC-class lineup for the U.S. will consist of just the GLC 300 SUV in rear -wheel drive 4 mastic all forms at some points in next year.

Big, Prettier, normal

The next GLK, the GLC is 4.7 inches longer 2.0 inches wider and 0.3 inch taller,  it ride on a wheelbase stretched by 4.6 inches,  while the tracked are up by 1.9 inches in front and 0.8 inch in back,  the long nose and short front overhang hint at this longitudinal engine layout a card segment full of transverse-engine, front-wheel-drive based  and all U.S, GLC models will receive standard off-road bumpers that give it 28 degree approach and departure angels, increase the long inches.The growth spurt and additional 2.2 inches of rear legroom, 2.2 front elbow and shoulder room, and more space and even a 1.3 inch-wider-rear -door opening a foot level to facilitate  ingress\egress.Even so more strength use high and ultra high steel and plastic, the body structure some 110 pound lighter. Overall loss 176 pounds compare with the GLK  according to Mercedes.

So Classy Inside

The  interior design in essence same to that of the C-class and away represent a radical departure from the boxy confines of the GLK, it water fall style dashboard, its design with stand up 7.0 inch its informative screen  and touch pad command controller is taken almost same from the C-class, which is not bed thing, given how much people like this interior.Two design decors are available for fancier tastes.It standard fare trim’s linden brown liner-grain, burl walnut  and black open-pore.The GLC standard available features list are multi color  ambient lighting,  smell auto -mization, a steering wheel strong materiel, rear seats, a panoramic sunroof, a 360 parking camera with front and rear cruise control with semi autonomous wheel.

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