From Novice To Master Driver In A Week

Master Driver In A Week

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There’s nothing quite like learning a new skill. You have the initial stages when you’ll often struggle to get to grips with the task, the hours of painstaking practice you have to put in to get to a reasonable standard and then of course the aha moment, when you’ve made a breakthrough. This is a tipping point that indicates that you’ve now crossed the threshold and you’re well on your way to mastering the skill.

Being able to drive is one skill that can take a reasonable amount of time to acquire. Your first contact with a car is normally quite complicated and it can take a novice driver several hours to familiarise themselves with car and all that’s in it. Understanding the relationship between the pedals, the gear box and the other elements contained within the car is often one of them most challenging aspects and it’s not uncommon for people to spend months trying to get to grips with the vehicle.

On average it will take an individual three months to learn to drive, especially when you factor in the fact most people take their lessons in one hour slots, however it is possible to significantly reduce this time if you learn to drive on an intensive driving course.

Intensive driving lessons take place for 6 hours a day on consecutive days and the idea is that the student will concentrate on driving for the entire period meaning they are more likely to remain engaged and master the skill of driving at a much quicker rate than they otherwise would if they were taking their driving lessons at weekly intervals.

Things to look out for before you book an intensive driving course include whether or not you as an individual are suited to driving for 6 hours a day for a week. As the name indicates this is an intensive procedure that not everyone is suited to so before you book this course its important you factor in things such as your concentration levels and you mood after being a confined space with one other person for a significant period of time. book learn pass, has a list of these courses which you can pick if you feel this is something that you would benefit from and before you book your course make sure you check out the reviews and of each instructor to ensure you know who you’re getting in the car with and whether or not you will be suited to their driving style and teaching techniques.

Learning to drive in this manner can often help you overcome some of the initial challenges much quicker as you’ll have enough time each day to work on the tasks your instructor presents you with and this often leads to better lessons and speedy progression. If you are thinking about taking this course and you are sure you are capable of learning and absorbing that amount of information then you are well your way to learning how to drive.

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