In Texas Google now trying out self-driving cars

Last Updated on July 20, 2015 by Amir Arif

Google has largely tested its cars on real roads and around Mountain View. Now Google has announced that it is testing these autonomous vehicles in Texas too.

Google maintains two-dozen autonomous cars, and two of its Lexus RX 450h SUVs will handle the Texas testing. After getting permission from Texas Governor “ The Texas Department of Transportation” Google announced  its self-driving vehicles is now on the road of Texas. One of the vehicles already started driving Texas roads under the guidance within the past few days. Two safety drivers will be in both cars at all times. To assuming control in an emergency, they’ll also provide feedback to engineers on how the car handles certain tasks.

Human drivers have skillfully move the cars around Austin in recent weeks because want to know its detail knowledge of area and all its surroundings.Things that need to know like

  • Lane markers
  • Traffic signals
  • Curb heights
  • Keep clear zones

and other information that helps our car understand exactly where it is in the world.

Fortunately or unfortunately Texas has no specific laws for the use of autonomous cars on roads. Google debriefed city and state officials on their plans before testing began, though it was not explained  when that meeting took place.

These cars can drive themselves. There is a safety driver on board and has full control of the vehicle including brakes, accelerator and steering wheels. No chance of accidents and full control under engineers.

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