How To Stay Safe On The Roads This Autumn

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It’s important that all motorists take precautions to stay safe this autumn. The roads are going to be a little more slippery during the next few months, and so you need to be careful. The tips and suggestions on this page should be enough to ensure you don’t come to any harm. However, you still need to use some common sense. As you will know, the most dangerous thing on the roads is usually other drivers. You can’t predict when someone else is going to make a mistake, and so you need to stay alert at all times.

Make sure you use the right tyres

All season tyres are the best solution for staying safe on the roads during the colder months. It is possible to find tyres that are designed for winter driving, but you don’t need them just yet. The all-season models come with increased grip and lots of other benefits. So, you shouldn’t slide all over the road if the weather is bad. Also, your stopping distances shouldn’t change too much. Just make sure you speak to staff at your local tyre store to find the most appropriate products. They are the ones with the knowledge and expertise you need.

Do not drive fast

The speed limit on most UK roads is somewhere between thirty and seventy miles per hour. However, that doesn’t mean you have to travel that fast. Do your best to stay in the slow lane on motorways if you want to stay safe. Also, make sure you take extra care when driving near schools and built-up areas. Speed can kill as most of you have seen over the years. You must decrease your speed if the roads are damp. At this time of the year, that is pretty much every day.

Buy a hands-free kit

Texting while driving is a recipe for disaster. Answering the phone causes just as many problems. Using a mobile at the wheel has been illegal in the UK for quite a long time now. Even so, we still see many motorists fail to follow the law. It is even more important that you take heed during the autumn months. A moment’s lapse of concentration could mean you crash into another vehicle and cause some serious injuries. Could you live with yourself if someone lost their life because you couldn’t wait to answer your phone?

Avoid nighttime driving

Those who drive for a living will have little control over their routine. Everyone else can make positive changes to limit the risk they face. Driving during the daytime is dangerous enough, and you can still see most of the road. You should only drive at night if there is no other alternative. More accidents happen when the sun goes down than at any other time. That is because lights on the road can become disorienting, and most people fail to drive more carefully. If you must drive at night, ensure that you are awake and alert at all times. Perhaps it would be wise to consume an energy drink before you get behind in the wheel?


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We hope that nothing bad happens to any of our readers this autumn. Please try to think ahead and drive carefully during the next few months. You can relax a little when the summertime comes back around. Until then, keep your eyes open, and always concentrate on the task at hand. If your passengers are causing a distraction, make sure you tell them to keep quiet.

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