How To Keep Your Car Feeling Brand New

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There’s something exciting about a brand new car. The shiny gleam of a fresh paint job and wax. The warm leathery smell of a new vehicle. The gentle purr of an engine straight off the production line. A brand new car is a petrol head’s dream. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for this wonderful feeling to wear off. The paintwork gets dirty, the new-car smell fades, and the engine starts to rattle. It’s frustrating and disheartening after you’ve spent a fortune on the car! However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In this post, we’ll show you some tips and tricks for keeping your car feeling brand new.

Regular service and MOT

Of course, we certainly advise that you do your own maintenance on the car. And we’ll explain how shortly. However, you must also schedule the car for regular services and an annual MOT. Car servicing ensures your car stays in tip-top condition. It will find all the hidden problems you might not necessarily pick up yourself. The mechanics will make small engine tweaks, and keep the car running smoothly. The longer you put off your servicing and MOT, the worse the car will get.

Car service

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Replace the oil and fluids

The fluids in your vehicle are like the blood in your body. It’s essential to keeping things running smoothly. The oil, for instance, is the lubrication that keeps all the mechanical parts moving smoothly. When it dries out, the metal parts begin to crunch over each other. You don’t need us to tell you that’s bad news. Meanwhile, the coolant keeps the car at the perfect temperature. Every car owner should check the level and condition of their fluids every two weeks. Replace the oil entirely after 3,000 miles.

tyre pressure

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Check the tyre pressure

You might not know this, but your tyre pressure is crucial to the smooth running of your car. Imagine pedalling a bike with flat tyres. It’s much harder work than usual. Your car experiences the same thing when the pressure is low. It puts a lot more strain on the engine, which will slowly wear it down. Keeping your tyres at the correct pressure will keep everything running smoothly for longer.

Keep it clean

If you want your car to have that showroom gleam, you need to wash and clean it regularly. When it comes to cars, a hand wash is always the best option. Use specific car shampoo, and be careful with the paintwork. Once cleaned thoroughly, use a wax and buffer to bring out that shine. Don’t forget to clean the interior too, and use a tyre cleaner to keep them looking brand new.

Drive sensibly

Finally, don’t drive like an idiot! It might be fun and exciting, but driving hard and fast will slowly kill your engine. Excessive revving and acceleration will grind down the mechanics and cause problems. Take it easy, and stay safe on the roads if you want a longer vehicle life span.

That’s all for now, folks! Stick around for more car tips and tutorials.

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