How to Be a Great Driver? Follow 2 Simple Methods

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It is said by many people that driving is also an art. Everyone isn’t able to drive a car properly. Some people have god-gifted driving skills, they can do it naturally while others have to learn it and they need some time. If you want to be a great driver then you must have to follow 2 simple methods.

Method No. 1 Things to do Before you get behind the wheel


  • Read permit book thoroughly: If you do this then you would be able to understand some good rules that you need to follow on road. This book also gives you a chance to explore a lot of safe driving tips.
  • Take control of your Nerves: It is a fact that many people get nervous while driving and this becomes a reason of road accident. Don’t think too much about your driving. If you remain relax then it would be easy for you to handle any kind of problem and you will make a few mistakes. In order to calm yourself down, you can listen to your favorite music track.
  • Must Sleep before driving: If you are sleepless then you never be able to see the things going outside the car. You can’t properly focus on your driving. Get lots of sleep, relax yourself. If you do this then your mind will be fresh ad you can enjoy good driving experience.
  • Clear field of vision: Sometimes, people keep certain things on rear window and when they look at these things they distracted. So, it’s always better to clear your rear window and windshield before you start driving.

Method No.2: Things to do once you are behind the Wheel


  • Do Regular Practice: No doubt, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Try to drive car in different situations and on varied road, the more you practice the better your driving skills will be.
  • Try to think what other cars drivers will do: If you do this then you would always remain one to two steps ahead from others. Chances of accidents can be minimized by such thinking pattern.
  • Avoid Personal Distraction: In case you have a friend or any other person who have a potential to distract you then you can ask him to sit in the back and refrain from talking to you.
  • Never lose your confidence level: There are many drivers who get nervous and hesitate a lot. If you have decided about a destination, make sure that this area is safe so you would never have any kind of hesitation. The drivers who do jerky driving not only cause trouble for themselves but also for other drivers on the road.
  • Must check Weather Condition: In many cases, driver feel a lot of problem due to bad weather condition. It’s better to watch news just to get yourself update about weather changing situations.
  • Do not show off: Many times, young guys drive their car on high speed without knowing the danger. They want to show off but they are putting themselves in the risks. There is no need to drive dangerously. Always take careful moves.
  • Be clear what to do: A good driver may like to overtake when flawlessly passing oncoming traffic via just two smooth flow-motion maneuvers. But a clumsy driver will not overtake but he will driver straight on a deserted road look and it could be dangerous. The general rule for the driver is to take into consideration all things before commencing the maneuver. If a person has decide to do something, he should do it without any delay or hesitation. Example: A hard decision for driving is to overtake an oncoming traffic. Once a person decides to overtake other drivers will know about your act , they will be ready to slow down or move a side, just to allow you pass easily, but only when you maintain your speed and heading. In cas you don’t have the distance or engine power to complete the overtaking and hitting the brakes on the opposite side of road would simply confuse any oncoming driver, who would be ready to slow down and take his half of the vehicle in the shoulder of road just to let you by.
  • Know your vehicle: You must have complete idea about maximum speed, acceleration, turn radius, overall size and stability of your vehicle. If you are an 18-wheeler driver then it’s not a big problem for your to overtake only 2 inches of lateral distance. But if you have just go your child permit and you have light vehicle then you need greater distance to overtake.
  • Heed larger vehicles: There is no need to threat large vehicles with your driving. Professional trucks drivers have great driving skills. They have enough experience to handle those situations which could be dangerous for less-experienced car driver. If you have a child permit then keep in mind that 18 wheeler’s are very fast in their acceleration and you could not stop them. If you are going to a take a left turn and you see a 20-tonne Mercedes Actros coming your way, don’t think for a second that truck driver will slow down his vehicle for you. If you take the turn, chance of collision is high. Keep in mind that car driver will never win, if a collision happens between car and truck.

Important Tips



  • Check your car’s manual. Try to familiarize yourself with every part and feature of your car. In case rain starts and you are in the heavy traffic then you must know how to get complete control of windshield wiper.
  • In case you don’t have manual then spend some time with your car, so you know where the important controls of car locate such as headlights, windshield wipers, defroster, and anything else that is important for you.
  • Must know about your route around. A good driver always knows about directions. If you don’t take which turn to take and which lane to get in then you will get nervous, so your driving ability also affects adversely.
  • Buy a car that has good handling. If you have such car, you would be confident that you can control it in many different situations.
  • Keep yourself away from distractions such as iPods, laptops, mobile phones and other things.
  • Clear both inside and outside of windshield. Some people don’t clear inside of windshield and thus they get unclear or blurry field of vision.

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