Ford GT 2017 Review

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In the 2015 Detroit Auto Show Ford one of the biggest hit was 2017 ford GT because they presented there, a new excellent super car with a performance that will be mechanized by a powerful EcoBoost engine. It is distinguished by a cool, superb and modern interior and exterior designs. The new designs methods will begin with designers using new performances and techniques like measuring and eye tracking by collecting customer’s feedback. For example, the car designers noticed at how customers respond to various materials like design traits, colors, and feature sets, and then composed the more popular visible features for the final design.

Ford surprised all with the innovative design and performance qualification. Team has been working on this project for several years.

Ford disclosed the new GT model, an fanatical high performance outstanding car that delivers as a technology showcase for top EcoBoost performance, lightweight carbon fiber construction and aerodynamics.


The 2017 Ford GT is going to be mechanized by a 3.5 L V 6 EcoBoost engine with direct injection and two turbo chargers, which will purportedly be able to produce at least 600 horsepower or may be more, and apparently around 500 pound torque feet. It is horsed back of the passenger and driver seats. A dual clutch with 7 speed automatic gearbox will variate all the power to the back wheels. A zero to 60 mph time is approximated at about 4 seconds, on other hand the top speed should be more than 200 miles per hour. These all are just predictions. We should learn all confirmed details in the upcoming months.

Sitting in it and using it should provide a superb feeling and experience like an icing on the cake. We will be happy if there was nothing in it  but pedals, a steering wheel, and a decent sized windshield to look out.

Superb car with F1 inspired many functions steering wheels with shift paddles and buttons, minimalist design of the dashboard, construable digital LCD instrument cluster, beautiful color display in the center of the dashboard used for exploration, and two joined sport seats. Because we cannot move it seats but the steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted according to desire.

It comes with the combined, fixed, and bucket seats. One thing is also in it, the advanced connectivity system named as SYNC 3.

The car brags a dual clutch gearbox with 7 speeds for high-caliber driver control. To allow for fast engine response times this model includes a direct dual fuel injection system. The system is completely new to the display.


When manufacturing this model, Ford has used lightweight aluminum materials and carbon fiber for its body, making it very light in weight. This will absolutely have a positive impression on the speed and handling. This model looks absolutely fantastic and amazing. It is very aerodynamically and low. There is wide lower grille, two big air outlets on the hood, two LED headlights in the front. Designers have added a fully active rear spoiler, massive two exhausts and a diff user below them, and round taillights in the back.

The equipment board features a two tier step design with buoyant wing.It results the  feeling of capaciousness. Hard technology and soft materials are correctly equalized so all the touchable machinery are soft and all technology surface are hard.

The front of the car is same like GT40, the remaining exterior design looks completely modern and innovative. The doors fly forward and out up, which is such a fantastic feature. The two large exhaust outlets in the back make the design more powerful. It has front and back Brembo brake calipers and rotators as well.There is an increased performance and efficiency in car light weight due to superb strength and constancy of carbon fiber. To weight ratio it has an excellent power and is actually one of the best car as compared to other production cars.


It will be released in an end of 2016 and the date is not confirmed. We cant say anything about its exact price but it almost nearly about $140,000.

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