First day of FI Testing Ends without problem in Bahrain

Last Updated on February 20, 2014 by Amir Arif

Testing of Scuderia Ferrari and 10 others Formula 1 teams has started today in Bahrain. This testing will continue from 19-22 February at Bahrain’s Sakhir Circuit. First test brought Nico Hulkenberg behind Force India-Mercedes, he completed 78 laps in 1m36.880s. Second test session of 2014 was handled by Fernado Alonso who took his seat at F14 T number 14 car and he was able to complete around 64 laps in a time of 1:37.879.

Check complete details of second test of first day below:

Circuit: Sakhir – 5.412 km
Driver: Fernando Alonso
Car: Ferrari F14 T
Weather: air temperature 19/25°C, track temperature 20/30 °C. Sunny.
Laps/Kms completed: 64/346
Best time: 1:37.879

Fernado really enjoyed this test and he told to www.ferrari.com, “It’s nice to be driving again, especially when you have more reference points compared to the previous time, which means you get a better feeling for the car” – said Fernando to www.ferrari.com – “We are also at a track that is more representative, with normal temperatures, where it’s been easier to understand tyre behaviour. We are in a phase where we are discovering things and with every lap, we learn something new. For everyone, there is still a lot to do to be well prepared for Melbourne, so it will be important to make the most of every day we have available to us.”

The teams want to begin the development of new 2014 cars, so they have a program of testing all cars before they kick-start actual production. The testing program was started in Jerez two weeks ago.It seems that teams like to check more aspects of power unit systems and some aerodynamic testing, so they continue this testing program in Bahrain. Today, teams paid its complete attention to optimize the balance of car so they mainly focused on fine tuning the new brake by wire system.

The first day of testing Ferrari and other Formula 1 teams was indeed hassle free. No major obstacle came into the way of team’s testing. This testing will continue till 22 February, Fernado Alonso will be back on track tomorrow in Bahrain.

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