Five Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Causes Of Car Accidents

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Causes Of Car Accidents

Anyone could get into a car accident at any time in their lives, but there are many things you can do to make it a less likely occurrence. Some of the most common car accidents are caused by our own errors, and it’s amazing how many could have been prevented with simple common sense. Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes of car accidents.


There are all sorts of distractions available to you when you’re driving a car. You might want to change the CD or change the radio station; that’s a distraction. You might want to change the destination in your GPS system; that’s a distraction. Then, there’s the obviously illegal and stupid distraction of playing on your cell phone. All of these distractions cause your attention to be diverted away from the road, making the chance of an accident that much higher.


Despite all the warnings out there against drink driving, so many people still do it. It’s incredibly dangerous, and you’re putting other road users at serious risk. Don’t be tempted to even have one pint unless you know you can handle it. In some cases, that’ll be enough to put you over the limit. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble. The difference between under the limit and over the limit is small, and people react differently to alcohol. If you do get arrested and you don’t believe you’ve been treated justly, there are services like The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC to try and help you. In all cases, though, It’s always better to take the safe option and remain sober when you’re driving.

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Those speed limits are there for a reason, but many of us don’t pay attention to them. I’ve seen people who stick to the same speed no matter what. I’ve seen people drive far too slowly, as well. Obviously, the most dangerous example of this is when someone is speeding. Driving too fast makes you more likely to lose control of the car. At that speed, the accident that you could cause could be fatal to your life and the lives of others.


We’ve all seen those warnings that tell us not to drive when we’re tired. Falling asleep at the wheel is an obviously dangerous prospect. Even if you manage to remain awake for your journey, your mind won’t be working to it’s fullest extent. Your anticipation levels and reaction times will be worse than usual, possibly causing an accident if you’re not careful. If you’re tired, make sure you stop somewhere and get some rest before continuing.


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There are all sorts of ways that you can be careless when you get behind the wheel. For example, it’s very common to see people ignoring signs or taking the wrong lane on the highway. They’ll ignore bikes coming past them at high speed by failing to look at their mirrors. It might just be a case of not adhering to instructions when driving on particularly slippery road surfaces. There are much more examples of this sort of behavior that can lead to accidents.

There are other common causes of accidents that don’t relate to human error, too. Truth be told; we can’t eliminate road accidents entirely. However, if we could target the causes we’ve mentioned today, the road could be made a lot safer.

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