A Basic Guide To Buying Utility Trailers

Last Updated on September 22, 2018 by Amir Arif

If you’ve got too much stuff to fit into your vehicle a utility trailer can haul for you.

Best Utility Trailers

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a utility trailer there are many things that need to be considered. Utility trailers come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet various requirements. This guide will help shed some light onto the possible options and help you compile a list to make sure you choose the right dump truck capacity for your needs.

Figure out your needs

Think about how your trailer will be used. What are the items you need to haul around or is your trailer going to serve multiple purposes. Make a list of all the possible uses for your new trailer. This will allow you to better figure out what size trailer is the best fit for you. Things to consider when selecting a size are legal limitations on trailer size, tow vehicle capabilities, required load capacity, bed height factors and how will you be loading and unloading the trailer.

One you have a size in mind it is time to think about the trailer design. Do you need a loading ramp, sidewalls, covered top or other custom additions and how will your load be secured? Consider what material your trailer should be made of. Does it need to keep out the elements, should it be easily cleanable with a garden hose, will it be used in salty environments etc?

Towing requirements

A very important factor of purchasing a trailer is considering how it will be towed.

  • What is your tow vehicle capable of? (Moving Floor Trailers, family car, SUV or mini-van?)
  • How heavy is the intended load or load range?
  • How far will you be traveling with the trailer attached?
  • Are strong winds a problem in your area?
  • Is fuel economy a concern?
  • Are there constant elevation changes in your area? Ie. Do you live in the mountains?

All these questions are relevant as they directly affect the size of your trailer and it’s design. A utility trailer that is used primarily in mountainous terrain may be best if outfitted with trailer brakes, while a tall trailer will have problems in windswept areas. Most importantly for safety is that the trailer is under the recommended tow capacity of the tow vehicle.

Trailer width can be chosen to meet a load requirement but as a general rule one should try to keep the trailer width the same as the tow vehicle.

Storing your utility trailer

This part of the decision process is often neglected. It is important to know if you plan on storing it inside a garage or outside, as this will directly affect the size and construction of the trailer. If stored outside, choosing a trailer that is made out of durable materials is necessary to give long life to your new purchase.

Having answers to these questions before you start shopping for utility trailers can greatly expedite the process and ensure you end up with a utility trailer that meets your needs.

I live in Oklahoma and in order to find a store that sells trailers in my area I used Google search. Type in “utility trailers Oklahoma” and you will get a list of reputable trailer dealers that are local in your area.

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