Bentley Priceless Motor Racing cars Ready for Mille Miglia 2014

Last Updated on May 9, 2014 by Amir Arif

A pair of Bentley supercharged racing cars is ready to take part in 2014 Mille Miglia challenge from 15-18 May. Mille Miglia is one of the world’s most historic classic car rallies.Company picks two famous 4 ½ Litre supercharged ‘Blowers’ for this competitions. These racing cars have to take on the 1700km route.


First Blower is the 1930 Le Mans ‘Team Car’, this car was once in the possession of Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin who is a famous members of Bentley Boys ,  a group of British gentlemen racers. Another Blower comes with its original Vanden Plas Open and sports four-seater body. This Blower has been in the race for last nine decades but still when it appears on the road then every crew member feels great happiness. Customers and guests loves to see this car in demonstration drives during visits to Bentley’s Crewe Headquarters.

Both Bentleys Blowers grab attention of thousands of fans who line up around the routes just to support the drivers during the competition and they have completed the Mille Miglia challenge many times.


In the beginning of Mille Miglia 2014, team of Bentley will meet with fans, friends and customers that belong to Bentley Drivers club. This meeting will be in the city of Brescia before the race on afternoon.

Bentley owners from Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa,United states, United Kingdom and other parts of the world will meet up during pre-race gather. Owner will meet the Blowers and create their unique lime-up of Bentley classic racing cars tagged with the famous Winged B emblem in Italy.

“We plan to see Bentley’s Blowers and their drivers off in style. There will be Bentleys from all eras, some of them extremely rare, in Brescia to mark the start of Mille Miglia and it should be a real celebration of great cars”, comments Steve Miller, Club Secretary of the Bentley Drivers Club.

Every single update of Mille Miglia 2014 will be updated on Twitter through Bentley Communications Twitter feed, @BentleyComms

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