3 Common Symptoms Of Automatic Transmission Damage

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Require vehicle owners have the brains to take care of such vehicles. At least learn about the transmission system on the automatic. Before explaining even longer, you will want to know what is meant by an automatic transmission and how it works.

Automatic transmission or somebody called with the other name is Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Types of transmission is one of the system transfer power automatically are widely used in modern times. When compared with other energy transfer, such as a car manual transmission, automatic transmission easier for the wearer because it no longer uses gears to increase or decrease the rotation to the wheels, instead use two pulleys and a metal belt.

According to the Site, There are 3 Common Symptoms Of  Automatic Transmission Damage And Need Rapair.

1. The automatic transmission can be damaged if it does not move the lever to N time stopped long

Sometimes a motorist automatic given away with ease, however they sometimes forget when to stop long time in traffic jams or red light. When it’s actually stops the transmission of extra work, when the limited supply of fresh wind.

Advised for you to shift lever to N when you middle stop for over 60 seconds in a red light or traffic jam, it is intended that the sort of lubricants in transmissions picked up markedly when subjected to these conditions, early symptoms of damage usually occurs with signs of towing the car felt heavy and sometimes if the walk would be stomping.

2. Indicated vehicle vibration when the car is running

Just remind car with automatic transmission system no longer has a clutch pedal, but by no means eliminated the clutch function automatic car, even no a number of canvas clutch automatic transmission cars are very much just that the operation is performed automatically in order not to bother the driver’s foot.

If you are running but the car automatically occur vibration, then it is an indication of the possible damage to the canvas. If the car was vibrating when the gear change could be due to the condition of the canvas is not good o even burnt.

3. Transmission Stuck In Top Gear

Have your an automatic car cannot move from the higher gear transmission, cannot go up or down as the numbers stuck on top? You know, that this condition is commonly referred to as limp mode or safe mode. The cause is none other than TCM features of the transmission system detects an error in sensor which can damage the whole system.

When TCM reacted by sending the order for transmitting stay in a neutral position, in case of these conditions, things you should do is check the signal engine check on the instrument panel, the best step is to check your car to the authorized workshop in accordance with the brand of your car.

But of the three of the above symptoms, the most common symptom is when the car cannot move toward the back or cannot retreat. It certainly will be difficult for you when trying to park. The inability of the car to move backwards is symptoms are quite common and an indication of when a mechanical or electrical components of the transmission system.

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