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Audi is a German-based auto manufacturing company that produces and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi vehicles are usually manufactured in eleven production plants that are located across nine countries. Even though the origins of the company are difficult to trace exactly, the present day company took shape in the 1960s. The Audi F103 series was the first model released under the Audi brand, and that was in the year 1965. The surname of the founder of the Audi Company was Horch, which when translated to Latin becomes ”Audi”, hence the name of the company. August Horch was a German-born engineer and a pioneer in the auto industry in his own right. The Audi logo usually has four rings intertwined. Each of the rings represents one of four firms that merged to create Auto Union, the predecessor company of Audi. The company believes in top notch engineering for quality products. That’s the reason why the brand is greatly respected and very much trusted by luxury car owners.

Popular models and their prices

There is an urban legend doing the rounds that during the filming of an installment of the ”Transporter” movies, an Audi car that was being used to film a rolling-car scene refused to roll. Of course everyone knows that the main car used in the series has always been an Audi. What is yet to be proven is if the urban legend did really happen. This builds on one accepted fact; Audi cars are usually very stable on the road due to the aluminium space frame technology. Still, Audi has some pretty luxurious and super fast cars. The A1 model is a super-mini sized car and is more of an economy model. The A3 model comes in a sedan make, a hatchback, sportback and cabriolet. A4 and A5 series are compact executive cars that provide comfort and speed. The A6 and A7 are executive models. The A8 has been described as a full-sized luxury model and only comes in the make of a sedan. Audi also has the S model (sport model), RS model (Racing sport model) and the Q series which are basically makes of cross-over sports utility vehicles. The ground breaking Audi Q7 falls in the later category. The Audi TT is a small-sized two-door sports car, a perfect fit for the fun loving driver.

Audi saw its sales increase in the financial year ending 2015. Generally, the Audi A3 had the best sales in both the U.K and U.S. This shows that a lot of consumers find it very efficient and it meets their expectations. There was also a growing demand for SUVs in 2015 and it remains to be seen if the trend will continue.

The 2017 Audi A4 models have an average cost of about $38,000, the 2016 A3 at about $35,000, the A5 at approximately $43,000, A6 retailing at about $50,000, the A7 at $69,000 and A8 between $81,500 and $137,000. The Audi Q7 will cost you about $54,000 while the Q5 retails at about $41,000. The S series are also quite pricey, with the S8 going for roughly $114,000. The earlier models like the S4 and S5 are a little bit economical, with the going price between $48,000 and $60,000. The 2015 Audi TT model on the other hand retails at about $41,000. The R model will make you break the bank. The 2015 Audi R8 goes for a minimum price of about $115,000. If you are looking for great prices on new and used Audi’s visit CarsIndeed.com.

Target market

Considering the price range, Audi has clearly curved out a niche among the wealthy in the society. They are designed for the powerful executives, the upper middle class and definitely the celebrities who fancy expensive fast cars. The sports utility vehicles are good for the family and they are also well priced considering their capabilities. These prices however compliment the forward technology that the company has so much focused on.

Awards won by Audi so far

The Audi R8 was named the ”world performance car of 2016” during the New York auto show. In a survey carried out by the Auto Bild magazine, Audi was named the best brand in all classes and it also won the award for the best design in the full-size category. The company was also awarded the top safety pick in the U.S in 2016 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Again, this was all about Audi’s stability on the road. There are several awards that the auto manufacturer has won over the years in Motorsport through different Audi powered cars.

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