Alfa Romeo 4C First Review

Last Updated on January 22, 2015 by Amir Arif

One of the most anticipated cars of 2014 is Alfa Romeo 4C.It is claimed by manufacturer that it would be a cost-effective super car having Italian look with the best feature offering to the world.

Last week, we got a chance to dig into every single detail of Alfa Romeo 4C since we reached at its proving ground in Bolocco (Italy). The car was tested in this ground during its development phase. We would first like to appreciate aesthetical appeal of Alpha Romeo ground, it’s is surround by natural and man-made beauty.It is decorated amazingly unlike harsh and over-practical grounds of other manufacturers. The people who see this ground would never stop themselves from praising its beauty that gives us why the Roman successors are among the top design leaders.

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Dip into Alpha’s Front and Back


Alpha Romeo 4C definitely looks startling in the image but it is more striking when you meet it face-to-face. There is an eye-catching blend of curves and lines on the front. It is integrated with quirky headlights with an intention to save a little 2kg weight. However, buyers will be able to get normal and traditional headlights in 4C Spider.The back end looks similar to a mini-Ferrari. It is possibly be mistaken as Ferrari from the distance. However, it looks amazing from every single angle, no need to link it with the Ferrari.

Alpha is all about power-to-weight

You can find a powerful engine in the rear.In order to the save the weight and front’s end components, Alpha doesn’t let you to open bonnet. The car is all about power-to-weight and you get this indication when you see its carbonfibre monocoque chassis. Its weight is only 65 kg. Normally, manufacturers try their own methods for hiding the underbody but Alpha give you a treat because Romeo 4C’s underbody is fully transparent.

Alpha is a true driver’s car

This is truly a driver’s car since dash and everything else inside are pointed toward the driver. It seems that designer try to use all approach of saving weight since passenger seat is locked permanently into its place. The seats are quite supportive and comfortable and they fit tall adults easily. Driver’s seat has reach and height adjustment.

Alpha’s Power Engine


There is no push button to start your vehicle. You need to turn the key that will kick start 1.75-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It is featured with 176kW of power and 350Nm of torque, it is not really a super car but you must take into consideration its 895kg total dry-weight; You are able to reach 0-100km/h in about 4.5 seconds. You can expect high seed in-gear.

Alpha comes without Power Steering


You don’t find power steering in it that’s mean everything that will happen to front wheels will be transferred to steering wheel. This feel is quite inspiring. Once you undergo through it,you wish every car would come without power steering.

Wrap Up

We were surprised to see its outstanding performance on testing ground. It feels so confident on test track. We loved to see its race mode since it doesn’t take much while getting it sideways. Tackling a bend is made simply possible since driver will have strong front-end grips.

It matches somehow with a mini-Cayman in its self-control. It reacts according to your expectation. However, you never forget that if you get it wrong then this its short wheelbase might go against you.

When you have a plan to drive Alpha Romeo 4C in manual mode then you would be impressed from its speed. The six-speed dual clutch transmission shifts occurs in only 130 milliseconds. Good thing is that this dual-clutch automatic also accepts downshift commands. At its full speed, you will be able to cross 200Km/h well before you know about it.

Gear change is quite fast and furious due to its dry dual clutch system. You would be able to enjoy smooth take-off since launch control hold rev at 3500rpm and transmission is also being preserved.

When you change the gear, you hear angry sound it seems like engine is roaring and barking. You might hear similar sound when Ferrari runs at full throttle. There is no muffler, no carpeting, and no side/knee airbags in it but it’s merely brilliant without them.

Bolocco’s mountainous countryside made it simple for us to have a keen look at cornering ability of Romeo 4C on the road. According to our analysis, 4C secured middle position between a Lotus Exige S and a Cayman. You can stop it from 100km/h in just 35 metres and it is possible due to its light body and oversized Brembo brakes.The 40:60 front:rear weight distribution lets you to hang on whenever you want.

Alfa Romeo 4C feels somehow upset when you drive it at speed above 150km/h in a straight line. It shivers on the road while strong winds can also get its control, in case you don’t have full control on the steering wheel at high speed. That’s mean at this speed, it can wander in redundant direction.The cornering ferocity is strong but ride is good and comfortable.

In short, Alpha Romeo 4C is a car that has real-Italian appearance, a sense of adventure, catchy flair and undeniable charisma.In many ways; you can’t find its perfect competitor. Due to its furious style and nature, car enthusiastic named it as “Soul”. The 4C is a model that Alpha Romeo always desire to make. There are only 300 Alpha Romeo 4Cs that will be headed to Australia in 2014, many of these have already been booked. If you have an emotional desire to have your hand on it, then you had better hurry.


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