Age And Mileage: Which Is More Important?

Last Updated on February 11, 2021 by Amir Arif

When it comes to buying used cars, there are two main factors which everyone knows to consider. These are the mileage and the age. We all know that the older a car is and the more miles it clocks, the cheaper it becomes. But which of these two factors is more important to your purchase? Read on and find out!

Jeep Odometer

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First of all, the factor of the mileage. Whenever you’re buying a used car, its mileage is a pretty big factor. This tells you just how “used” a used car is! There’s a reason why a car with 20,000 miles is worth significantly more than a car with 100,000. Remember that the entire chassis, and every part of the engine, has only been made to last for a certain number of years. A car with too many miles isn’t a good decision unless you’re happy with it immediately breaking down on you! Although it’s easy to look at a high number of miles and be turned off of a car, the figure alone isn’t the whole story. It’s important to know how those miles were accumulated as well. If most of the miles are city miles, then the car’s going to be in a worse condition than one with mostly motorway miles. All that stopping and starting is harsher on the machinery than consistent speeds. Used dealerships like Imperial Car Supermarket should have some idea of the ownership history. Mileage will give you some idea of the wear and tear the car’s been through, but not the whole picture.

Old car

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While mileage should certainly be considered, the age of the car is also hugely important. It’s easy to assume that an older car with relatively few miles is a good deal. Stop and think about this, though. If the previous owner wasn’t driving their car much, then are they likely to have taken care of it much as well? You need to stack up to the age and mileage and think about how they reflect on the vehicle’s history. You may be offered a car with parts that haven’t been replaced in over a decade. This can be extremely detrimental to your driving experience.

rubber parts of a car

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All the rubber parts of a car, and a few other components, really don’t age too gracefully. It’s easy to assume that the less a car is used, the better its condition will be. However, if certain parts aren’t used often, they can quickly begin to deteriorate in quality. Depending on other factors, a five-year-old car that’s been left in one place could be in a worse-off condition than a ten-year-old one that’s been regularly used and maintained. Just like the mileage, age can be a pretty helpful guide to the state of the car. However, it’s important to dig deeper.

As you can see, the age and mileage of a used car are both pretty important. However, what’s more, important is knowing the history of the specific vehicle. Remember that every used car is unique. If you want to feel secure in your purchase, find out everything you can about the car itself.

Image From Wikimedia Commons

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