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Most mechanics often came face to face with situations that leave them scratching their heads due to the cars that they work on. This is mainly due to the fact that the speed at which automakers are renewing their blueprint of cars is so fast that new concepts introduced are often totally alien to mechanics. […]

Bolts are the most used parts in automobiles, and all the mechanical parts of automobiles need bolts. We often see the words 4.8\8.8\12.9 on automobile bolts. In fact, these are the marks of bolt strength grades. The strength grades of bolts refer to the performance grades of bolts used in steel structure connections. Commonly they […]

Investing in a car is always a big deal and it is important to know which one is better for you and which suits your needs more. If you are looking for a family car, a crossover SUV is a great option. They have the required room for more passengers and multiple baby seats along […]

News Updates: Today CleanTechnica posted the tweet on Twitter that Waymo Boos takes a Shot at Tesla after that Elon Musk CEO of Tesla replied on it. To my surprise, Tesla has better AI hardware & software than Waymo (money) — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 25, 2021 The new users in the automotive industry must […]

All great Dads want to see those kids are happy and playing around with toys that he brought for their kids. so we search for the best electric car for your kids. These cars make your kids happier and playing with safety. 1. Spider-Man Premium Toddler Quad Spidey car with premium Toddle Quad, 6 Volt […]

The following recommendations tips do not assurance that you will be 100% safes but those 5 Amazing Security Tips will help you when you riding a UBER car.   When the rider has come to your doorstep check this list before you get in the car License Plate Drive Picture Name of the Driver If […]

Do you live anywhere near the northern hemisphere? If yes, how are you preparing yourself for the coming winter? It is prudent to prepare yourself for the snow and ice that accompany winter. And if you are among the lucky people with a larger area of land, and you wish to spread salt over it, […]

Selling a used car requires a bit of patience. Prospective buyers are going to need to make sure they are not buying your nightmare, and so will insist on taking your car for a test drive before deciding whether they want to purchase it or not. You also will need to renew your ads online […]

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