Time to Dig into a list of 10 Best Cars in 2014

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Going to spend hefty dollars on a new car? It’s time to wait for a while and discover 10 best 2014 cars that really worth your hard earned money. All cars includes in this list are under $8000 but don’t look at price since all render the best value for this amount. These car models not only accomplish their missions in a remarkable way but also let their drivers rock the roads. They are a vital part of manufacturer’s focus group quite often. Your task is to pick 1 out of 10 best cars to enjoy a car-driver spirited conversation.

1.Audi A6/S6/A7


Audi aesthetically designed and engineered A6, S6 and A7 for those people who are interested in neither sporty car nor luxury car; they just want everything in an affordable package. These Audi models have wonderful interior finish and setting but a deceptively simple exterior look. Interior-design team of Audi mainly focus on the science of touch as they let you control the HVAC, audio system, or the side mirrors, knurled knobs, etc with a atypical degree of feel. This 4-wheel, 5-passenger, and front engine vehicles are available with either 5 door sedan or 5-door wagon at a base price of $55,995-$74,295

2.BMW 3-4 Series


The people who are quite conscious about “lifestyle and status” usually go for BMW. These days, you are able to pick BMW 5 series coupe and sedans but fact is that BMW series 3 is the best. Its successors are prevailing in the market but still it is a profit fountain for the company. This is a front-engine, rear or 4-wheel drive offers capacity of 4-5 passengers. You are able to get 2 door coupes, 4 door sedan or 5-door wagon at a base price of$33,675–$48,925

3. Cadillac CTS


Those who want a sporty car in a mid-size luxury segment can surely give a try to Cadillac CTS. General Motors refined every next generation of CTS with trendy features, aesthetic looks and methodologically-evolving mechanics. You are able to buy front engine, rear or 4-wheel, 5 passenger and 4-door sedan at a base price of $46,025–$59,995

4.Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


The masterpiece of design and engineering comes in the form of Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. You would be able to enjoy a fantastic driving experience after spending $51,995. Advanced technologies, a super charged engine and fascinating design categorize it under super-cars. It is designed for road and racing. Its aesthetically appealing interior is simply remarkable.

5.Ford Fiesta ST


It is a car that comes with six-speed manual and a turbocharged engine. It is a high-performance car that lets you get the real value of your money. You just need to spend $22,195. It boasts up ST standard interior and exterior features. Ford wants it to win the heart of tech lovers, so they added technological advanced infotainment and driver’s assistance. Standard sport suspension makes this car indeed appealing for the guys who are amateur racers.

6.Honda Accord


Honda is also a small-car company that offers the best car in the form of Honda Accord, which is somehow resembled with BMW series 3 in its looks; but you can get it at an economical price. This front-engine and front-wheel drive offer adequate room for 5 passengers. You can go for either 2-door coupe or 4-door sedan at a base price of $22,745–$34,270. It’s fun to drive light Honda Accord on road. Honda adheres to its quality standard through its nine generations.

7. Mazda 3


Mazda 3 offers you super car-handling experience at a price ($17,740–$27,290) that we all can afford. Company has made essential changes in the design and interior as it wants to compete well and also likes to keep its name alive among world leading auto manufacturers. Mazda uses Skyactiv- a holistic approach to design, fuel-saving and manufacturing. This approach makes Mazda 3 much better than before. It is a compact car with high-tech features.

8.Mazda 6


If you want a mid-size stylish car then it comes in the form of Mazda 6 , which hit the market with Mazda’s 2010 Shinari concept. It features with a comfortable and controlled chassis. The perfect co-ordination of suspension, structure and steering makes this car very attractive for those who love to grab classy experience from a vehicle. You need to pay a little more if you are interested in Mazda 6 as it is available at a price range of $21,785–$30,490.

9.Porsche Boxster/Cayman


What makes Porche Boxster and its tin-topped Bro Cayman quite amazing for the drivers is the genuine experience that these vehicles offer to their drivers. This genuine experience is attained by integrating the same tech-features that you can easily find in other cars. Both cars are integrated with EPS (Electronic Power Steering) system that lets you feel a high level of accuracy and composure during driving. You are able to grab Porchse Boxster at a base price of $51,350–$63,050 while you need to pay a little more if you are interested in Porsche Cayman as its price range is set at $53,550–$64,750

10.Volkswagen Golf/GTI


You are free to own a five-door manual and driver focused Wolfsburg Edition GTI for only $25,915. This car comes with a sophisticated look and let the driver enjoy excellent performance. The best of all, it owns a fully controlled fluid system. Volkswagen Golf is another amazing front-wheel drive that offers nice room for 5 passengers along with 5-door hatchback.

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