Nissan IDx idea of vehicles indication is back

Last Updated on January 8, 2015 by Amir Arif

When Nissan revealed its couple of IDx idea vehicles at the 2013 Tokyo car show display. The IDx is a lightweight, rear-drive, two-door sedan-like factor that appears like a modern-day Datsun 510. Really, it’s extremely amazing. These days, enjoyment over the car ramped up several steps on the information from http://drive.com.au (grabbed by Jalopnik) that Nissan’s professional vice chairman, Andy Palmer, supposedly verified the car at the Detroit Cars display show.


We do know Nissan is at least taking a difficult look at delivering the IDx to a manufacturer, but we possibly will not know what the organization chooses for a while. Here is to expecting the IDx happens and that irrespective of this verification that no confirmation has yet occurred, remain thrilled for the car.


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