The Fast Ford formula is alive and well in the Focus ST: everyday usability meets serious performance at an affordable price. Replacing the notoriously thirsty five-cylinder 2.5-litre turbo motor of its predecessor with a smaller 2.0-litre, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine hasn’t just improved economy and emissions (on paper, at least) but given performance a useful shot […]

In 1989 you got ‘Mazda Experiment, Project Number Five’, which would become the world’s fastest-selling sports car. The possibility of a reasonable open-top was not really new to Japan. Going before decades had seen peculiarities, for example, the Datsun Fairlady, Honda S500 and Toyota Sports 800 develop, frequently as their youngster creators’ first generation models. […]

Audi is a German-based auto manufacturing company that produces and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi vehicles are usually manufactured in eleven production plants that are located across nine countries. Even though the origins of the company are difficult to trace exactly, the present day company took shape in the 1960s. The Audi F103 series was the […]

Mercedes has long had a reputation for sheer prestige in the car world. Some brands like Lexus and Kia have trouble crossing the boundary. Some can’t into the next level and maintaining an image that really deserves the label ‘luxury’. For Mercedes-Benz, that has never been an issue. This article will be taking a close […]

When it comes to executive luxury, you’re looking for a few simple things. Number one, style. We’re looking for subtle beauty, and elegant design. A hint of ferocity also helps give it character and excitement. Number two, refinement. A luxury car demands a high-end finish behind the wheel. We’re talking about leather seats and carefully […]

Most popular Top 5 brand in the world, these cars showing you to British manufacturing in sports car, these company has checked to show you financial  history, but enjoy also long  period in success, stability enjoying these cars in driving, these cars include in racing cars, some cars manufacturing to Jaguar land rover, it develop […]

Introduction Mercedes-Benz lately reading start over aligns each of its cross over and SUV more closely with the new brand model in the marketing, but some are more connected mechanically than other, the CLA and GLA classes, for example are very same, while the GLE and  E-class models are more different.The relationship between this vehicle, […]

Introduction Nissan Navara is new financial riding on the back of its latest Navara is looking Australian, this already pick up Nissan Navara is popular with the under down for athirst of under sales,  in the companies is hopping the new Navara NP300 its winning ways in the companies will maintain.The first major Navara representing the since D40 […]

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