Best 10 Most Expensive Bikes In The World

Last Updated on October 17, 2015 by Amir Arif

Now we are talking about best 10 most expensive bikes in the world, which is base on world wide seller analytics. The bikes are listed below:-

1) Millions Harley-Davidson


you love bike riding and billionaire crazy for bike, in this millionaire people crazy for this bike riding, then this is the best bike for you. This most expensive Million Harley-Davidson designed by  Jack Armstrong is very exclusive and expensive bike in the world. It goes to one Million U.S dollars that shake you pocket.

This price is very obvious a lot to offer, the powerful engine will give you a lightning fast speed, this bike design and style is wonderful in the world, the bike has a color on the body that gives me a unique look.$1 million is most expensive price in the world

 2) Ultra Rare Porcupine

Ultra Rare Porcupine

The bike suggest  name is  very unique in the world, this bike name is Ultra Rare Porcupine is very rare and its real extremely in the world, it was a part of museum,  now the museum is also a place of shopping.This bike is more sale of the national motorcycle museum, those people  who are in bulk and want to recall its history to venture.

  3) Gold plated custom chopper

Gold plated custom chopper

This bike is looking so beautiful that why it never take out on road, gold plated chopper custom has the metallic body.Which is all shiny and gold plated this bike is really looking great full. This motorcycle is golden light beauty was presented at show in Seattle.

  4) The legendary British classic black

The legendary British classic black

Legendary black is unique bike in the world and its not no match find out other bikes in the world, the  bike has two provide the 250cc performance, bike was produce in the unique kingdom.This is the 4th most expensive bike in the world, this bike cannot provide high speed but it will accelerator people to see your house on exclusive antique bike.

 5) ECosse FE TI XX


This beautiful bike a lot, but the beauty is worth, it has 225 horsepower from its aluminium engine,  this bike engine plants have made a great addition to this series, then ever wish for you could impressive bike  are more shiny  and looks good, this bike selected at the best bike in this year, this bike is one of the fastest bike in the world.

 6) Hub Less Harley Davidson

Hub Less Harley Davidson

This bike is the list of top 10 most expensive bikes in the world, it has  a basic hub less hearly davidson style, Howard has adjusted  the bike and its a big deal, this motorcycle are  impressive for their look.

 7) Hildebrand wolfMuller

Hildebrand wolfMuller

The first motorcycle production Hildebrand and Wolf Muller is one of the most unique motorcycle, bike is a pert of private collection, the first motorcycle in this history is most expensive.It is a rare bike indeed.

 8) Harley Davidson Rocker

Harley Davidson Rocker

Extraneous Harley Davidson Rocker is in race bike, well  known the German company called  house of thunder bike was adapted,  the bikes every detail is out of the world.This is a great catch with 37 degree inclined front and rear, which is every close to the tire this bike looks are gorgeous.

 9) Coventry eagle

Coventry eagle

This bike is a very old bike of Royal company, despite it is a little less than a hundred year old, this bike is good to go on road, its designed for the classy rider and reversible of the phrase that’s why say us ‘OLD IS GOLD’  this bike price is make gold.

 10) Neiman Marcus|Limited Fighter

Neiman Marcus Limited Fighter

This bike is a unique look, this bike has a conclusion, they have used steel for the bike that’s why this bike show a unique look, this bike designed by confederate Motor co, this bike offer exiting experience on the road, for the people with weak heart.

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