A 2014 VIP Award won by Honda Odyssey Touring Elite and HondaVAC from Good Housekeeping

Last Updated on February 19, 2014 by Amir Arif

Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Miniva and HondaVAC won a 2014 VIP (Very Innovative Products) Award from Good Housekeeping – an influential magazine. HondaVAC is a built-in vacuum designed to clean up every corner of Odyssey’s cabin. It is a first time that Honda introduced such a wonderful solution for every-day cabin cleaning purpose.


Good Housekeeping selected only picked six 2014 VIP award winners out of thousands of products. During the selection process, all products were tested by the engineers and scientists at Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI). Selection of these six products was not only based on the results of laboratory testing but also on the consumer evaluation. One automotive product that won a VIP award this year was Honda Odyssey with HondaVAC™.


Good Housekeeping admired HondaVAC™ due to its innovative way of fixing everyday problem. The product has profound ability to pick up dust particles, diverse detritus, and crumbs. No doubt, this product offers a perfect clean up operation to families on the move. The Magazine describes this product as “an easy-to-use 12-foot hose reaches every corner, then stows neatly in the cargo area. Our staff members could let their kids snack in transit for the very first time, stress-free.”

Standard on the 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite®, HondaVAC™ came into existence in collaboration with industry-leader Shop-Vac®. It consists of a potent vacuum, disposable filter and canister bag. You can also find nozzle accessories. Whenever a person wants to perform a clean up operation, he can pick it conveniently from its dedicatedplace i.e. rear cargo area of driver’s side. Quick cleanup operation is possible through this built-in vacuum, which can reach into every possible corner of cabin effortlessly due to its integration with hose and cleaning attachments. Best of all, powerful electric motor of device doesn’t require any outlet or recharging for doing its work. This cleaning vacuum can continue its cleanup operation while engine is running. In case engine turns off, it will continue its operation up to eight minutes.

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