Monthly Archives: February 2016

Mercedes has long had a reputation for sheer prestige in the car world. Some brands like Lexus and Kia have trouble crossing the boundary. Some can’t into the next level and maintaining an image that really deserves the label ‘luxury’. For Mercedes-Benz, that has never been an issue. This article will be taking a close […]

When it comes to executive luxury, you’re looking for a few simple things. Number one, style. We’re looking for subtle beauty, and elegant design. A hint of ferocity also helps give it character and excitement. Number two, refinement. A luxury car demands a high-end finish behind the wheel. We’re talking about leather seats and carefully […]

There are lots of differences between drivers. Some are novices, some are well-experienced. Some people are great driverschoosing a car locksmith; others are…. well, they need a bit more practice! However, all drivers have one thing in common. They want to keep their cars safe. But what are the most effective ways of doing this? […]

When it comes to small city cars, the Ford Fiesta is a popular site in many parts of the world. In countries such as the UK, it is by far the best-selling vehicle on the road today. Nowadays, many competing models give the Fiesta a run for its money. But, if you need a city […]


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